Ministry urges violators to correct status as deadline for grace period nears

In light of the deadline for the grace period approaching, the Ministry of Interior has urged those who violated the provisions of Law No. (21) for 2015, which regulates the entry and exit of expatriates and their residence, to take advantage of the grace period for correcting their status as soon as possible. A ministry official advised people to reach out to the relevant authorities as early as possible as the rush in the last couple of days would make it very difficult for them to get service.

Ministry urges violators to correct status as deadline for grace period nears

Capt. Mohamed Ali Al Rashidi from the Unified Services Department stated during a webinar on the grace period for violators of Law No. 21/2015 that the Ministry has provided all the facilities so that violators can rectify their legal status. As long as they are inside the country by moving from one employer to another or by leaving the country on their own interest, they are exempt from all consequences of legal responsibility.

There have been more than 28,476 requests since the ministry announced the grace period on October 10, 2021. Earlier, the Ministry said in a press conference that 8,227 people returned home during the grace period and around 6,000 changed their status and regularized their papers. Other applications are still being reviewed, the Ministry said.

There were HR and admin managers and PROs of private companies and schools in attendance today, as well as security and safety managers, in-charges, and many community leaders and members. Capt. Mohamed stated that expatriates are exempted from fines incurred by them and do not assume any responsibility, and their departure from the country is completed as quickly and smoothly as possible without any delays.

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