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AI and Robotics Brand UBTECH Showcases Innovations in AI Education at UK’s BETT Show

LONDON, Jan. 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — UBTECH(/’ju:bi:’tek/) (09880.HK), a leading AI and Robotics company with global recognition, made its debut at the British Educational Training and Technology Show (BETT) in London ,January 24-26, showcasing its latest innovation in AI education. In recent years, AI education has enhanced traditional STEAM learning, offering holistic solutions to nurture innovative talents for the impending AI era.

UBTECH AI Education Solutions

UBTECH AI Education amalgamates AI knowledge, applications, programming, computation, and innovative thinking with cutting-edge technology. Grounded in the Pedagogy-Space-Technology (PST) framework, the 5E educational model and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), the approach integrates conventional STEAM knowledge and skills to create a comprehensive AI education system applicable to K-12, vocational, and higher education.

At BETT, UBTECH presented seven major resource modules encompassing textbooks, hardware, software, training, competitions, assessments, and teaching management platforms. Utilizing these resources, UBTECH unveiled solutions for three educational scenarios: in-school laboratories, AI centres and AI E-Learning. These initiatives aim to empower the new generation of students with the skills to master AI, apply AI, drive AI innovation, and success in an AI-driven future。

UBTECH AI Education Smart Hardware

Utilizing cutting-edge AI and robotics technology, UBTECH has independently developed a suite of educational smart hardware. The initiative underscores the synergy between knowledge, technology, and practical application, inspiring students to use AI skills in addressing real-world challenges.

UBTECH has unveiled UGOT, a multi-mimetic AI education robot, to audiences worldwide. Characterised by its multi-mimetic design, high performance computing, and an open-source system, the robot can assume seven standard forms, including engineer vehicles, transforming cars, quadruped robots, and wheeled-legged robots, while also facilitating the DIY creation of further models. The versatility enables students to experiment with the robot’s utilities in contexts such as interstellar exploration, urban rescue missions, and service roles, progressively acquainting them with advanced technologies including image recognition, natural language processing, and intelligent driving.

Building upon traditional STEAM education kits, UBTECH has developed a series of kits based on the uKit AI controller. This controller incorporates machine vision and voice interaction capabilities, coupled with an array of sensors. It’s particularly well-suited for primary and secondary school students, allowing for the flexible assembly of different models and the straightforward acquisition of graphical programming skills.

Based on the Raspberry Pi board, UBTECH has developed Yanshee, an open-source humanoid robot. Coupled with educational apps, a comprehensive curriculum, a developer platform, and specialized competitions, Yanshee provides a solution tailored for high schools, vocational institutions, and universities. Students can learn various skills such as machine vision, machine learning, motion control, the ROSA operating system, and programming in Python.

UBTECH AI Education Courses and Services

At BETT, UBTECH unveiled its latest AI Future series of courses. Partnering with authoritative research teams and prestigious universities, UBTECH has introduced a complete curriculum system structured on a progressive framework encompassing AI Awareness, AI Understanding, AI Mastering, and AI Innovation.

In parallel, UBTECH provides schools with teaching support services tailored to their curriculum, including consultancy, educational research, and teacher training. Its Robo Genius AI and Robotics Global Challenge evaluates students’ learning achievements and stimulate their creativity by engaging them in a variety of competitive tasks.


UBTECH’s products are accessible in over 50 countries, including the United States, Germany, Hungary, Singapore, and South Korea. Its educational offerings and solutions have been deployed in thousands of schools. UBTECH remains steadfastly committed to the sustained and long-term advancement of AI education and the nurturing of talent in this field.

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